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Observ Skin Analysis

Beauty and health are more than skin deep; in fact, many skin conditions start deep under the surface.

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What is Observ Skin Analysis?

Observ skin analysis  is a breakthrough skin analysis technique during which the skin is observed when exposed to patented skin fluorescence and polarised light illumination technology. Our trained staff are able to use this unique methodology to instantly and effectively diagnose skin conditions.

Observ gives our team the flexibility to switch between different analysis modes (Wood’s Light, Simulated Wood’s Light, Daylight, True UV, Parallel Polarisation, Cross Polarisation and Complexion Analysis). We can gather clear and accurate data quickly and safely helping uncover a variety of skin issues and conditions.

With this innovative solution, you do not have to wait for skin conditions to reveal themselves. You can take action now to keep your skin looking and feeling its healthy best.


“I came here last year with skin issues and skin the consultant was really nice and took on aboard what skin care products I use, she advised me to try only two products and they clear my skin! I came here again to buy the products and Salena really helped in choosing the products that’s right for my skin and has great knowledge of skincare overall. I will be coming here to get some treatments done!! Thanks Salena, you made my day!”


“Fantastic service and best advice, my skin looks amazing! Good prices with really good specials. Cant wait for my next appointment.”


“Thank you Aspazia for helping me with all my skin problems. My acne and scaring is now cleared up. I couldn’t be more grateful to the team there at the clinic for looking after me and always being at the end of the phone to help with my questions. Aspazia is an amazing and skilled lady who I trust 100% I highly recommend this clinic and the services they do.”



At Premier Laser and Skin Clinic we offer free of charge skin analysis across all clinics in London and Surrey. Skin Observ is great for clients who want a more in depth look into their skin conditions or clients who are not sure of what treatments they would need according to their skin concerns.

At your consultation, our skin practitioners will use skin analysis technology which allows them to determine optimal treatment options for existing conditions and to educate clients as to preventative measures they can take to keep their skin healthy.

With Observ skin analysis technology, we can also take clinical reference photos; these enable us to track changes in the skin over time – and see the efficacy of treatments in action. After the analysis, the practitioner will advice which skin treatment would be the best for your skin needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions


The Observ Skin Analysis machine is completely pain free.


Your skin analysis will be booked with your consultation. We would give 30-45 minutes for this so that they can give you an in-depth analysis and recommended treatments.